Subsidy Program “Renewable Mobility”

The German Federal Environmental Ministry is funding the City2Share research project with €5.8 million as part of the Renewable Mobility program.

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Inzell Initiative

City2Share is an Inzell Initiative project. The Inzell Initiative is a joint venture between the City of Munich and BMW Group, in which key players from government, industry and research work together to implement forward-looking solutions for sustainable mobility in Munich.

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City2share is one of three projects in Munich that develops, implements and tests new solutions and concepts in the areas of mobility, smart city, logistics, energy and infrastructure.

Please find below more information and links about the other two related research projects in Munich:

Smarter Together

In the Neuaubing-Westkreuz/Freiham project area, solutions will be developed for a city worth living in by early 2020

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Civitas Eccentric

Within the model quarter Domagkpark - Parkstadt Schwabing, solutions for future-oriented mobility in settlements on the outskirts of the city are being researched and scientifically investigated.

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